CMC stuff




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CMC stuff is an encompassing line of objects created by Cecilia Margarita de Corral. All objects are produced in her home and are searching for spaces to fill.
Currently based in Brooklyn, CMC produces objects that are primarily made from locally sourced components, and strive to support small businesses in the New York City area.
All items are one of a kind. All items are made from repurposed textiles. All items are pieced together by machine, but hemmed, seamed, quilted, and finished completely by one set of hands. All items are made with an infinte amount of care and time. If needed, all mending and patching is welcomed by the hands of the maker, to extend the life of the piece.

CMC is currently stocked by OROBORO (Williamsburg, NY). All photos on front page are styled and photographed by OROBORO and their lovely associates.

For all inquiries regarding specific items or other business, e-mail